Webmaster Resources

FaceBook Image Sizes

Blogging Platforms (free)

Blogger http://www.blogger.com — Free, and they host your files for you.(No web space needed)

WordPress.com http://www.wordpress.com Free, and they host for you. But there is a charge for extra features.

WordPress.org http://www.wordpress.org Free, but you’ll need to install it onto your own web space.

FTP Programs for Macs

FileZilla (free FTP) http://filezilla-project.org/ Free, and it works.

Flow http://extendmac.com/flow/ Nice interface and some useful features. About $ 30.

Getting More Visitors to Your Website

Google for Webmasters video presentation http://services.google.com/breeze/webmasters/googleforwebmasters/ .

Web Hosts

1 and 1. http://www.1and1.com. Low price, reliable, lots of space.

BlueHost. http://www.bluehost.com. Good if you plan to use WordPress.org .


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Other Resources for Webmasters


HTML and CSS Editors For Macs

SKedit (FTP and a web developer’s editor) http://www.skti.org/skedit/

CSS Edit (CSS editor) http://www.macrabbit.com/

Espresso (editor) http://www.macrabbit.com/espresso/

Coda (edtior) http://www.panic.com/coda/


Assorted Links for Webmasters

Color Names from W3 Schools

Arachnophilia (free web editor) http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia/index.html

Channel Blade Web Developer’s Guide http://cbtdev.com/standards/style/

Channel Blade Entities Chart http://cbtdev.com/standards/style/xhtml.html#entities

Channel Blade Guide to CSS http://cbtdev.com/standards/style/css.html

CSS Shorthand Properties (UMD) http://www.d.umn.edu/itss/support/Training/Online/csstips/shorthand.html

XHTML Character Entity Reference http://www.digitalmediaminute.com/reference/entity/index.php

FileZilla (free FTP) http://filezilla-project.org/

Smultron (text editor) http://smultron.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html

Em Dashes and Online Typography http://www.alistapart.com/articles/emen/

Donnie Hoyle Photoshop Tutorials http://laughingsquid.com/you-suck-at-photoshop-by-donnie-hoyle/

GoToMy Color Chart http://www.gotomy.com/color.html

What The Font? (find out which font it is) http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/


CSS Tricks and Techniques

CSS for Retina Displays