Install a New TW Cable Modem

How To Install a New Cable Modem (Time-Warner)

A while back, I sent a message about Time-Warner Cable’s new leasing fee for cable modems. For more than 5 years, they did not charge for the modem; now, If you are using their modem, you are charged $5.99 per month.
You have the option to buy your own modem, return Time-Warner’s modem, and thereby eliminate monthly fee. You must select the right modem (they give you a chart online and also in your bill); then install it yourself.
Installation, from start to finish, took 63 minutes. It’s simply a matter of disconnecting the old modem, connecting the new modem, and then telling Time-Warner (by phone) to activate your new modem. Most of that time was spent untangling my cords (my own careless fault), and “hold-time” with the T-W service agent, who was friendly and helpful.
* Reminder * … When it’s all over, remember to return the old modem (and its power supply) to a T-W office.

Here is the process:
1. Buy the new modem from the list of eligible modems. I bought mine from, for $ 84
Here is the list of modems from the T-W website:

2. Write down the “MAC ID” number, located on the bottom of your new modem.
3. Write down the T-W phone number: 1-800-892-2253
4. Disconnect the old modem: the power supply connection, the co-axial cable (the one with the sharp needle connector in the middle), and the ethernet cable (that runs to either your computer or to your wireless modem)
5. Connect the co-ax cable and ethernet cable to your new modem, then connect the new power supply unit that comes with your new modem.
6. Call Time-Warner, tell the service agent that you bought a new modem and need them to activate it.
7. They will ask for the “MAC ID” number on the bottom of the modem
8. The T-W service agent will test the modem …
9. … then they will put you on hold as they contact another department to activate your new modem. Then you test your Internet connection to make sure it works. (the T-W agent stays on the line with you to confirm this).
10. Remember to return your old modem and the old power supply — and check your next bill to be sure that the $ 5.99 charge has not been added.

Since installing the new modem, the Internet speed is noticeably and dazzlingly faster. That may be caused by the quality of the new modem, or Michael’s hopeful imagination.