How To Reply to One Person (not whole list)

Often you want to reply — not to the whole FCNA list — to the one person who sent the message.
If you reply to the whole list, your message may not reach the person you want to reach (they might not read it).
In addition, you are sending your personal message to the list’s 1,400 persons who have no interest in it.

For example: Jane is offering a free pet porcupine to a good home. You want to tell Jane — not the whole list — that you have raised pet porcupines before, and you would like the free pet, and she can phone you at your cell phone number.

It’s easy to discover the email of the person who sent the message to the list.
That email is revealed by clicking with your mouse cursor on the name of the person who sent the email. You may need to experiment to get the hang of that, but you can be certain that this email address is always available to you.

Then put that person’s email address into the “To” field
make a brief and clear title for your message (in the “subject line”)
and then send your message.

Before you send any email message,
always check the “To” field, to see where it will be sent.