Mac Software and Mac Stuff

Mac Software and Stuff

MuseScore (music notation)

SK Edit (text editor for the web)

Image Well (photo editor: free or xtras versions)

Scrivener (for writers)

CSS edit (CSS editor)

Call Recorder for Skype

Audio Hijack Pro

Create Booklet (free)

FTP programs for Mac

iListen from MacSpeech (speech to text)

Celtx (for authors)

Comic Life

SuperDuper (backup)

VM Ware Fusion (run Windows on your Mac) review of VMWare Fusion

Google Desktop and Gadgets (for Macs)

Adium (instant messenger)

Audio Book Builder

Many Tricks (freeware batch file re-namer)

Foxmarks (all-platform free bookmark synchronizer)

Amadeus Pro Macworld Review of Amadeus Pro:

Wiretap Studio Review of Wiretap studio:

InstantShot (freeware)

Painter Essentials (Review in MacWorld)

Firefox for Mac

Firefox Extensions

SnapZ Pro

Nisus Writer (Pro or Express)

Mellel (word processor)

Notebook (organizer)

Avenir (for fiction writers)

Anxiety (to do manager for Mac)

Ecto (blog editor)

Xyle (web page editor)

Coda (CSS editor)

Montage (for screenwriting)

Text Mate (programmer’s editor)

Skim (PDF viewer for Mac)

CyberDuck ( FTP ware )

Text Wrangler (text editor for Mac)

WireTap Studio review (sound editing)



Websites for Mac Software and Freeware

Mac Minute



Apple Blog


Mac the Web

Cult of Mac

Mac In Touch

Mac User UK

OS X Factor

Softonic (Mac section)

Soft 32 (Mac section)


456 Berea Street

MacWorld U.K. reviews

Macsimum News

SurfBits (Mac reviews)


Open Source Living

Google Software for the Mac

Mac Life

Mac World

Mac World UK

Free Mac Ware

Give Away of the Day

Mac User

Mac Format

Softpedia (Mac software)

Mohawke’s Mac Freeware

Version Tracker (for Mac)

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