ithaca-falls-by-MPWelcome to the website Ithaca Rocks
with information and ideas about:

  • Sustainable (“small is beautiful” and earth-friendly) Living
  • the city of Ithaca (in New York, USA) and a neighborhood in Ithaca called “Fall Creek”
  • Creativity, and what I call “the Funconscious Mind”
  • Community-building
  • Compassion
  • Books and films worth reading/seeing twice
  • Humanizing Technology
  • How to do different things (mostly tech things and life hacks)
  • Health
  • Utopian thinking for a better world.

The website is managed by Michael Pastore. A quixotic dreamer who believes that peace and happiness are still possible, Pastore is a novelist, poet, and publisher, whose books are available from an Independent (and sustainable) publishing company in Ithaca, New York: Zorba Press, a division of Zorba Media.