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FAQ About Commercial Messages on the FCNA Discussion List

Note: Our Fall Creek Commercial Update (FCCU) will soon be located on the web, here:

The FCNA (Fall Creek Neighborhood Association) Steering Committee has received quite a few messages regarding the issue of commercial messages in the FCNA discussion list. In 2010, a 3-person committee read all of these messages carefully, and then proposed a means of dealing with the interests and concerns of discussion–list members who expressed an opinion. This proposal was accepted by the full Steering Committee, and is presented below.

In devising this policy, we have tried to:

1) Be supportive of local businesses,
2) Serve the interests of Fall Creek residents who find information about those businesses useful, and
3) Be responsive to list members who felt that our previous “hands off” approach resulted in an excess of commercial messages.

The Commercial Message FAQ, below, describes this new policy.

== FAQ about Commercial Messages in the FCNA Discussion List ==


0. May I use the list to sell personal items ?

NO. Do not sell items using the FCNA list: use Craigslist in Ithaca.
Exceptions are:
— You are stuck with tickets and you cannot attend the performance or event: You MAY offer your tickets as a gift or for sale.
— Yard sale: You may post ONE MESSAGE ONLY about your upcoming yard sale.

00. May I use the list to ask to buy things ?

NO. This is a message irrelevant to most of the 1,360 members.
If you want to buy something, use Craigslist Ithaca.
Or get it free from Ithaca Freecycle.

1. What is a “commercial message” ? 

We define a commercial message as any message from the owner of “an ongoing business”, that in some way promotes the business. 

2. What is not a commercial message ?

An offer or request for a thing or once-only service with a cost involved.

Some examples:

–You are an individual offering babysitting or child care;

–You live in Fall Creek and you are selling/renting your house — or subletting your apartment — IN FALL CREEK.
(NOTE: If you are a real estate agent then do not post your properties on this list).

–Someone responding to a request for an electrician (or plumber, etc.), by recommending the name of a worker. 

3. Who is eligible to post a commercial message to our list ? 

Any resident of Fall Creek who owns a business.

The business itself does not need to be located in Fall Creek. 

4. How many times may I post a commercial message to the FCNA list ? 

As the ancient Greek proverb reminds us: 
”Every mushroom is edible … one time.” 

You may post a commercial message directly to the FCNA list one time. 

After the one time, you may submit your commercial messages for inclusion in our monthly FCCU: the “Fall Creek Commercial Newsletter.” 
(See below for details about the FCCU.)

If you own more than one business, you may write about multiple businesses in one email message. 

5. What are the requirements for posting my first (and only) commercial message to the FCNA list? 

You must put the word “commercial” into the subject line (title) of your message. 

If your message advertises a service or an event that is not free, you must include the cost. 

There is no limit to the number of words you may include in this message. 

As always (with any message sent to the FCNA list), file attachments are not permitted. 
As an alternative to a file attachment, we suggest that you post your attachments (such as photos, flyers, and so on) to a file hosting site, and include a link to that attachment in your email message. 

6. What is the Fall Creek Commercial Update (FCCU) ? 

Edited by Jae Sullivan, the FCCU is a monthly email (sent as an email message through the FCNA discussion list) that contains commercial announcements from business owners who live in Fall Creek. This message will also appear on (and be archived on) the website of our Google group FCNA discussion list.


7. What are the submission guidelines ? 

a. The maximum length of your message is 150 words. 

b. Submit these messages directly to Jae Sullivan, via this email: 

blueheron555 ATSIGN yahoo DOT com 

(replace ATSIGN with @
replace DOT with a period. ) 

c. Please proofread your message carefully: mistakes that require re-posting are an added burden to our volunteer editor. 

d. Be sure to include all pertinent information including : Your name and how to contact you; and if pertinent: the date and time and cost of the event. 

8. Monthly is too frequent for me: Can this be published less often ? 

The FCNA Committee will collect feedback from FCNA members, and then think again about how often this newsletter should be published. 

9. Monthly is not frequent enough for me: Can this be published more often ? 

The FCNA Committee will collect feedback from FCNA members, and then think again about how often this newsletter should be published. 
If you want more commercial messages, contact the individual business owner and ask her/him to put you on her/his business announcement email list. 

10. I do not want ANY commercial messages at all. Can you help me ?

If you don’t want these messages, use your email filter. You can easily set your filter to send all messages with the title (“subject line”) that includes the words “FCNA” and “Commercial” directly to your Trash folder. 

11. I have a time-sensitive commercial message about an event. But there is not enough time for inclusion in the FCNA newsletter. What should I do ? 

We are hoping to find a volunteer to manage an FCNA calendar of 
events. If we do find a “Calendar Coordinator”, then we may be able to include your event on the FCNA Calendar. 

12. I want to help by volunteering to edit the FCNA Commercial Update. Do you need help ? 

Help is always appreciated and needed. And we can train you. Contact Michael Pastore through the contact form on this website.


Updated 2014 August 22.
Updated 2010 April 15.